New user cannot access controller or validate email

I have created a new user to my Vera Edge and she did immediately get an email asking her to validate the email address. Clicking the validation link in the email just results in a 404 page not found page at
When then trying to logon at she can log on, but when loading controllers it gets stuck at “Could not load device list! Retrying…” every time. When i look in the Vera settings her user is added and has sufficient access rights and should also be allowed to access my controller.

Am i doing something wrong, is this a know issue or is something temporarily not working with

(As you might already have guessed the person i am trying to add as a user is my wife who already thinks i spend too much money on z-wave stuff and this really doesn’t help to make her think it is worth it)


Can you fill out the form below and send us a trouble ticket ?

Be sure to include your Vera unit serial number and the tech support access code. You can enable it by going to Settings > Tech Support and then clicking on the Enable button at the bottom of the page.
We’ll look into it right away and get back to you shortly.


  • Andrei -

The 404 page error has always come up for new accounts here, but in the address bar it says “success” and the account has been able to logon via getvera. A VLAN configuration has caused the “device list” issue here in case you have your wife on a different circuit there. I’d try logging into her account from the same place yours is successful.

Doesn’t work for her to log on from my computer either unfortunatley. :frowning: I will register a support ticket as Andrei proposed.
Thanks for the answers!

I’ll be interested to find out what caused “Could not load device list! Retrying…”

I had the same problem the other day. Validate her mobile number then add her to the admin group. It seemed to fix it for me.

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So the real reason this happens is because the user isn’t an Admin?