New to Z-Wave and just set up my whole first of many questions

I just set up a pretty large network as a leap of faith that Z-Wave would be as easy as advertised and besides a couple small bumps in the road I’m pretty happy with everything, especially my Vera controller.

So I was just watching a movie and playing with the SQ Remote on my iPhone (the movie was boring) and noticed the IR controls and that got me thinking that I have the Monster AVL 300 remote (which will be coming up in the future again) and remembered the IR Control System that came with it and tried to set it up as a device on Vera without using the actual AVL remote itself. I didn’t have any luck so I’m wondering it this is possible. I don’t really have a NEED for this but since I have it… If not, what are others using as IR repeaters?

You cannot do this. But you can integrate the AVL300 into your z wave network and use it to control your zwave devices.
I don’t have my IR integrated into Vera yet - waiting for sqconnect to release their ip addressable ir “puck”.

I was planning to add the remote but hadn’t really put much thought into the IR controller just because my house already has IR over CAT6 just about everywhere I need it -BUT- if I could control, or at least turn off my components from my iPhone, well why not?

So even after I add the remote and if I added the controller when I did, my z-wave stuff will never be able to control that controller?


Your current options are:

[ul][li]Wait for the SQ puck[/li]
[li] Clobal Cache GC100-06 / iTach[/li]
[li]Move your vera to Your AV cabinet and use a USB-UIRT[/li][/ul]

I have my Vera in my AV cabinet and use a mixture of RS232 and USB-UIRT to control it. If you want to do it then its a bit messy to learn all the codes you want and hack the plugins with the new IR codes but its doable and using SQ remote works great. The only thing thats missing is Macro support in SQ remote (coming later) but in the mean time you can use Vera to create a bunch of scenes for the macros (advanced tab) and assign those to buttons in SQ remote.

Its a lot of work but great once you have it working!