New to Vera - need a little help

I’m new to Vera and have been working my way through the set up. Thankful for the forum as it has helped me through most all of the issues I’ve had, but now I can’t seem to find a post to help me to swap out the Vera-lite controller. I didn’t realize it at the start but my original controller had a battery issue. I’ve got the new controller in hand now but not sure of how to swap it out without losing all my devices, automation, plug-ins, etc. I’m hoping someone can talk me through the steps.

Backup your Z-Wave network.
Setup → Backup → Backup Z-Wave network

Backup up your old Vera,
Setup → Backup → Create Backup

Plug in the new Vera and restore it and the Z-Wave network.
Setup → Backup → Restore – Be sure to check the Restore Z-Wave network box.

When all is done and the new Vera is working, unplug its power while you reset the old Vera to factory defaults.

Complete reset to factory defaults.

Connect to your OLD Vera locally with this URL:

Connect to the Vera GUI and go to Setup → Z-Wave Settings → Advanced → Reset Z-Wave Network

Next connect to the Vera GUI and go to Setup → Backup → Restore factory defaults.

Unplug old Vera.

Plugin new Vera.

Z-Waver - Thanks for the instructions? a couple of things I wanted to verify before going ahead. Do I unplug the old Vera after the backup before plugging in the new one? Will the new one show as a 2nd Vera and I have to choose it when going into the UI? When I originally installed, seems like it required a firmware upgrade that came up automatically. Would I skip that as I will be restoring anyway? Sorry for all the questions? just want to make sure I do this right. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

You should never have both Veras connected to your LAN at the same time. This is especially true after the restore as they will have identical configurations and identifiers. Work with one at a time and make sure that you are conscious of which you are working with.

You are restoring configuration information, not firmware. If your new Vera has older firmware, you can update the firmware after everything is operational.