New to luup....Trying to do something not sure of the best way....

I am working on moving all my light control duties from my Elk M1 panel to my VERA2 with UI5. This has worked pretty smoothly.

I’m moving all the light activities to the vera and keeping the security rules on the elk.

Here is where I am a little stuck on how to handle a lighting decision based on alarm state.

On Vera: I turn on my outside lights and inside accent lights at sunset. this is accomplished in scenes (no scripting)

at 8pm:
On the Vera: I turn off these lights and lock the doors (also no scripting)

What I want to accomplish is, at 8pm I want to check to see if the alarm is on
if it is on, leave the outside lights on
if it is off, turn the light s off.

Can someone point me in the direction of how to accomplish this?
I have written a couple of scripts to accomplish the move to the VERA, but I think I have a mental block on how a VERA scene executes and when it executes the script portion…


Rob, there’s an image on the wiki here that might help you understand how Luup in scenes works.

(You could avoid programming and use a Combination Switch for the alarm-is-armed check, but I sense you’re looking to get your Luup hands dirty.)