New to IphoneLocator - forceRefresh error

All, I am new to the IphoneLocator plugin. I am trying to make it work since geofencing does’t.

I have a Vera Plus with FW:1.7.4970. And plugin version 2.51.

I have at least one issue and several functional questions:
Issue: On my device screen I have a message: forceRefresh error, check logs / 60 s
I look at the Log tab of the device and there are no logs. I have enabled Debug and refreshed but no logs generated. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  1. I have not found any documentation but have deduced from other threads that Mute/Unmute for this plugin refers to the Iphone allowing gps info to be sent or not sent. Is this correct?
  2. Has anyone solved the “If I am home I want long polling periods, but if I am near the edge of my fence(either coming or going) I need much quicker polling” so I can make decisions? I have seen various “Polling map” discussions but most don’t escape the problem where you have a long polling period at home thus you could be a long way from home before you know you are gone.
  3. On my Iphone mobile app, I only see the battery level and the “Debug_On” slider and it is inaccurate. No matter if I set debug to 0 or 1 in the variables, my iphone “Debug_On” slider is on. I think it would be more useful if my phone showed the “Present” slider, but I assume that would be a new feature.

Thanks for any help in advance.


In response to #2, if you put longer polling at home lets say 5 mins, and your polling right outside the fence is every 30 seconds it will take a maximum of 5 mins for the plugin to realize that you’re not home and activate the next polling interval. So my recommendation is set the next polling fence roughly 5 mins of a drive out from your house so that you dont pass the quicker polling while its still on the 5 minute interval. Kind of confusing to phrase, but just think the only way for the next interval in polling to take effect the plugin needs to know where the phone is and if the last position was at home where you have polling set for 5 mins, it will take another 5 mins for the plugin to see that it has now left home. (I know I used to the word polling many time :sweat_smile:)

Hi Pabla, thanks for this confirmation. I basically set up a very granular pollingmap (0:60,0.1:60,0.5:5,1:10,2:30,10:300,20:300,50:600,100:1800) because I am most concerned with making decisions on my return (open garage, turn on heat, lights etc). I think I am less concerned about leaving. Your explanation basically confirmed that logic. I wasn’t sure if anyone had come up with a better scheme. I will probably mute my device during predictable home hours to save the battery.
Also, my thought is that the first pair 0:60 seems to be meaningless since the current location will never be the exact number as the base. Even if the difference is in the 5th or 6th decimal place. So I added the 0.1:60 so that anything near the base would be 60. I have my fence set at 0.5km.
The real trick would be to try and have this conversation without using the word “polling”.

regarding 1), mute unmute only blocks the plugin to poll iCloud. it does not affect/impact the iPhone or its gps parameters.

regarding 2), it is tricky , what I do is mute at home and unmute based on an event like the opening main door of the house. an unmute action triggers a position refresh so you get a chance to resume a frequent polling

regarding 3), I need to look. I mostly give up on UI7 and Mobile app , I use ALTUI both on desktop PC and on phone/tablet for what I consider a much better experience( although I am a bit skewed in that opinion of course )

Is there a solution/help to the issue: On my device screen with UI7 I have a message: forceRefresh error, check logs / 60 s?


The log you’re looking for is

You can get it from a browser, but can’t recall how. Best to SSH into your Vera read it direct.

Never understood what the log tab was for…


what I can suggest is : put the plugin in debug mode , then reload lump , then wait until the issue reproduce, and at that point capture the logs and share them via private mail so I can get a look.
how to get the log is documented in the FAQ post : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - IPhone Locator - Ezlo Community

otherwise avoid quotes in pwd or iPhone names, that can generate issues

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i have the log, what email do you would you like me to send it to.

This topic was resolved offline, so here are the basics:
I was experimenting with “Privacy Mode” by placing a 0 in the Addr Format field in Settings-> Home of the plugin. This worked as advertised. When I tried to clear the 0 from the variable which should have went back to non-privacy mode, the problem started. There is a problem in UI7 when a variable is cleared, the variable is deleted. So the plugin started displaying the error message noted earlier in this topic. Reloading Luup engine reloads the plugin thereby restoring the variable. amg0 gave me a debug code 2.51b which stabilized the plugin so will be releasing 2.52 of the IPhoneLocator plugin.