New Setup, still stuck

I created the Google API, it asked me for a role, so i picked owner (i dint see it in the documentation).

I keep getting: Calendar ID not set Fatal Calendar Error. What exactly is the format of teh “Calendar ID” field? I have tried them all

public...ICS private...ICS Actual CalendarID.

it also seems to not save the cal ID that i enter.

Please test the plugin with the test account and test CalendarID - to make sure everything is working.

Then switch to your credentials and CalendarID.

You said you created a calendar API - Please follow the instruction carefully and set up a service account.

Another person is having trouble getting GCal to work. I updated the documentation on creating credentials because google changed their UI layout and sequence - so that should help.

The bigger problem though is that vera seems to have broken certain behavior with their latest upgrade. The result is that the CalendarID’s and Credential file names are not being passed in. For users with existing plugins - they still work but will likely fail if the user tries to change a CalendarID or Credential FileName

I will have to follow up with vera development.