New Setup—Alexa or Google

Hi All, in the middle of the never ending decisions to setup a new home automation system. As I’m starting from scratch I don’t have any tech.
I understand each has it positive and negatives but I want to try and understand on whole which one works better with Vera and tech integrations over all? I plan on having zwave relays for lights, and a couple of zwave door locks, sensors and PIR to start. In the future I may do blinds etc I’m Not really locked into any subscriptions services and happy to chop and change if needed.
Thoughts, recommendations please? Which one is easier to live with on a day to day? I’m in Australia so Amazon shopping is only an occasional thing.

If i was to start from scratch iwould consider this

I started with Alexa but then switched to Google Home, nothing to do with Vera however.

Reason was with Google Home I could upload my own music library to Google Play Music and then control my music via voice commands for playback on the Google Home speakers etc.

Not sure where we stand with this today however, as Goggle have shutdown Play music and forcing people to use YouTube music instead, which has less features and functionality. Seems they are pushing for subscribers.

I’d probably start with Alexa, as it can be used with Node-Red or HA Bridge to provide better local integration with Vera.

@ElCid Never heard of that open source MyCroft before. Wonder what skills they have?

I will let you know when i get the mycroft V2. I like the idea of local processing and privacy.
but here is api

So your actually buying one!

Yes keep us informed of your progress.

I paided the $1 to pre order and hold one for me.

I prefer Alexa because I don’t trust Google. They tend to destroy products, change apis and break things.

Alexa is well supported by Amazon and they’re still investing in new features.