New Schlage Deadbolt won't pair up?


I just received a “replacement” schlage touchscreen deadbolt - - BE468-CAM. My last one’s screen went dead - actually, about 3/6 of my screens have gone dead. Schlage has been good about sending replacements.

However, I cannot get the vera-edge to pair with this device. After multiple attempts, i always get this message: “Z-Wave device 207 ERROR: Failed to setup security. Please exclude this device from your system, and then include again. Please wait! Getting the name”

I’ve paired/unpaired multiple times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Shannon

Are you moving the Vera appliance in close proximity of the lock ? Exclusion can be network wide but not for inclusion, Vera must be within a few feet and allow the key exchange to transpire (3-5 minutes).

yes, i’m about 2ft away. it’s a new lock and hasn’t been installed on the door. vera sees the lock immediately, and begins enrolling it. Somewhere along the way it just poops out…