New Pricing on Leviton Z-Wave

Here is the new lower pricing on Leviton Vizia RF+ receiver modules.

VRR15 - Receptacle - $45.99 - [url=][/url]
VRS15 - Switch - $42.99 - [url=][/url]
VRMX1 - Universal Dimmer - $42.99 - [url=][/url]
VRPD3 - Lamp Module - $24.99 - [url=][/url]
VRPA1 - Appliance Module - $24.99 - [url=][/url]

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Do any of these support instant status?

Supports Instant Status

I don’t recall is the lamp modules support Instant Status or not.

@ASIHome - I’ve noticed some retail price volatility very recently. Is there a product change coming from this manufacturer

Both the lamp module and the appliance module support instant status however they no longer have local control. The instant status is for scene feedback, etc.

These prices should be the standard pricing for a while.

I must be being thick but isn’t instant status for reporting what happens with local control? If you control via vera she already knows status.

If you were to use them in vizia rf+ system where no Vera was involved, they would send instant status out to update the LEDs on zone/scene controllers.

$40 is about the upper limit I’ll pay for a Leviton relay switch. I’ve built up my Z-wave network over a couple of years by finding deals and getting switches on eBay. All of my switches are Leviton… almost 60 of them. I only need to replace about 4-5 more after an order I placed yesterday.

Having said that… this is a good price. I’ll keep an eye on it in case other sources run dry.

Learn something every day. :o

so vizia rf+ is the same a zwave?
can someone expand…
these switches will work with zwave /vera or do i need something else?

They are z-wave and will work with Vera. Vizia RF is what Leviton calls their z-wave line because they treat it as a lighting system.

I like the pricing but dont like the leviton dimmers. They are physically awkward to dim up and down. I asked my wife and son which dimmer looked nicer the leviton or the lutron and they both said lutron.

Do you carry cooper dimmers at a similar price?

So we got to do some more testing and wanted to share what we found. It looks like the new VRPD3 and VRPA1 without local control DO NOT have the two-way feedback.