New Plugin version 3.3. Hue lights support

Hi All,

I just posted version 3.3 in my Git Hub development branch [url=][/url]. With this version you can control any Hue Lights you have and configured on the Harmony Hub. They will appear as standard BinaryLight or DimmerLight or DimmableRGBLight, and even work fully in the Vera Mobile Apps.

It has been tested with Color Lights (DimmableRGBLight) only as that is all I have. Please feel free to test with anything you can trow at it.

If you have any problems, set the Log Level to Debug and share the parts of the log file that shows the errors.

There are a few more internal improvements.

Installing on ALTUI is simple. Go to the plugins page. Enter development in the Update field next to the Harmony Hub Control plugin and click the update icon. (O and on openLuup delete the extra new device it will create because of the update, cannot suppress that).

Cheers Rene


The main release is now 3.3. Available via the MIOS App Market and on ALTUI app market.

Cheers Rene