New plugin to read the values from Netatmo Radiator Valves


would anyone have any ideas if a plug in exists to read the temperature values from our Netatmo Radiator Valves?


I was asked this about four years ago with respect to the thermostat…

I’ve just checked the Netatmo documentation and it’s certainly a different API than the weather plugin, but should be supported by the thermostat.

From this post…

…it looks like Vera’s native support might cover this ???


thanks for the response, the netatmo thermostat by Orange can read the main thermostat, but not the individual radiator valve temps. We have their radiator valves on most of our radiators, and would like to be able to monitor the temperature at each room, ideally using these valves. The API exists to retrieve the values, and seems more akin to your plugin for the weather station.

Hope that helps!