New Plugin : NETMON - a network device monitor

Strange, Can you share the value of the sticky device ‘s altid attribute ? And the content of the variables Targets and DeviceStatus of the NetMon device.

Did some testing again today. It look like it is working after all, but it takes a long time before the device is removed or added. Somewher between 5-10 minutes. Is that correct?

When a plugin creates or deletes a new device , it takes some time plus forces a luup reload so you get 2 reloads at least. So yes it can take a while and will only work once’s these reloads are done… in terms of duration of this process, your mileage may vary depending on your config

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Hi, not sure why I did not get any notifications on this thread; have finally spotted the response and tried V12. So far so good - thanks for the app and the support.


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Hey, I just installed NetMon today and figured I would try it as another tool for Vera. I’ve installed it, created two instances, and NetMon seems to be doing it’s job, however, Reactor isn’t seeing it. W1se one posted above a Reactor scene which shows it being seen by Reactor, so I’m a little puzzled why I can’t find it. I’ve reloaded the engine, and Reactor just isn’t seeing the devices. It’s been a few hours, so I know it can sometimes take 10 or 15 minutes for devices to settle down, but this seems longer than expected.

Any thoughts?

Hi @tamorgen, I just made some edits to netmon and came back to this thread. Did you ever get your issues sorted out?

@w1se, I honest don’t recall if I got it working. I had so many issues with Vera/Ezlo that I fled the ecosystem a couple of years ago and I’m happily running Home Assistant.

Not surprised. Seems like a lot of people left the platform. It was always a tinkererer’s platform.