New Philips Hue Plugin version 1.79

We are please to announce that we have launched version 1.79 of the Philips hue plugin that includes the following:

  • Added support for Signify Netherlands B.V. as the manufacturer, which was added by February 24th Philips hue firmware release.
  • Fixed icons for bulbs that appeared as generic Z-Wave.
  • Added support for light models: LCT015, LCA001, LCT024

I know those who haven’t switched over to using the ALTHue plug-in will really appreciate this update!

not working with my bridge V2, please assist.

  • What app in the Vera are you using? This or Althue? Version?
  • Are the bridge and the Vera connected to the same network? … 192.168.same.x
  • Can you control the devices from the Hue-app in your phone or tablet?
  • Any response message from the app in the Vera?
  • Have you tried to use the discovery Hue and/or tried to add the IP manually?

I’m using hue plug in 2 , I didn’t manage to operate althue.
They are on the same network and I can control the bridge from other apps (hue, imperihome).
The only response I get is that pairing in progress for hours… I also tried manually yes…

  • Can you check if it is the latest version 1.79 under Apps-MyApps-Details
  • Are they wired or do you use Wifi?

And sorry for probably a silly question that you tap the blue button on the bridge also during inclusion? :slight_smile: I don’t remember if I had to do this.

Yes latest version 1.79
They are wired via router, not wifi.
Blue button pressed :grinning:

Hmm, I left for Althue when this app crashed in february. I have not used this version so I leave it for others to figure it out but I recommend to switch since Althue have more functionalities.

I will try to install ALTHUE again, I guess this is the only option for me.
Thanks for trying !!

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