new onset of problem with "old" VeraMobile app (iPhone) for UI5 (green-leaf icon

I have three Vera3’s using UI5 which I have been able to control on my iPhone6plus IOS 10.2 with the “old” Vera Mobile App (the one with a green leaf icon, compared to the “new” Vera Mobile app which has a “V” icon). This had been working for several years.

Within the last few months, I have noticed that when I control a switch (lightswitch or AC-plug) with that app, there is a bug where the switch starts cycling on-off-on-off-on-off… endlessly, until I manually activate the hardswitch on the device itself. This does not happen when I control the switches from the website, even if I am using my iPhone. (The Vera Mobile app is more convenient than going to the website, because for some reason on my iPhone I am required to enter my username and password every time on the website using Chrome, even though Chrome autofills the username/password on my Mac…)

Once, recently, when I started the Vera Mobile app it gave me an error which I don’t remember but was something to do with my IOS not being fully compatible with the app in some way. (I didn’t write the error down thinking I would see it again, but I haven’t…)

Is there a way to get the old Vera Mobile app to function properly?
(I read about so many problems that I am very leary about converting my Vera3 to UI7, so that I can use the new Vera Mobile app…)

Or, Anybody know a way to get Chrome to autofill the username/password for the website on an iphone?


Hi there,

I’m afraid the legacy UI5 iOS app has not been updated in a while since the development for UI5 environment has been stopped. This is of course causing incompatibility with the latest iOS 10.

Some other options would be third party mobile apps from the list here : [url=,12.0.html],12.0.html[/url]

We, of course recommend you UI7. If you wish to upgrade your hardware as well, there is is also a special price of $69.95 for VeraEdge and $119.95 for VeraPlus, for limited time (March only.)

I’d suggest to use ImperiHome instead. It does support Ui5 Vera’s and is still under development and maintenance. Since you have multiple Vera’s, you can add all of them and IH will show them seamlessly like they are 1 Vera. It was $6 (Pro version) well spent for me when I had to abandon AuthomationHD due to lack of development. To the best of my knowledge there is an iOS version out for it. Not sure if it’s out of beta yet. Another good option would be HomeWave but since that’s iOS only and my environment is Android I’m not to familiar with it but most iOS users on the board here are very happy with it.

I basically use the GetVera (V version) only for it’s GeoFencing capability. I do understand Getvera having ceased development on the Ui5 app as they have moved on to UI7. Same as Microsoft dropping Windows XP support in favor of Win7 and now Win10.

Thanks for the direction!