New NEO CoolCam Z-Wave 500 / 700 Series 5in1 Motion Sensor (USB Powered)

Not seen these before, USB powered as well.

Its not listed yet on the official Neo Coolcam website here.

The Z-Wave version is also not currently listed on the Official Neo CoolCam store here.

The link above is for a 3rd party seller on Aliexpress.

Model number currently unknown and no user manual ?

EDIT: Now available on the official Neo Coolcam store here.

I will try to obtain this. Let me see if it is on sale now. So we can integrate it to ezlo.

Thanks Ben

I have some of the older Neo CoolCam motion sensors / multi sensors (NAS-PD02Z), they are better than Fibaro which are much more expensive !

They are decent sensors from Neo, with lots of parameter settings on them to control things.

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