New Monoprice Curtain Module

Does anyone have an idea of battery pack powered motorized shades that I could use with this controller? I’ve tried following some of the other threads on this topic and my brain keeps getting fried!

this module is not optimized for battery power supply, has to be used with a wired power supply.

Does anyone know if the RF shade motors (specifically the models) can be wired directly to this? I’ve seen the tutorials on wiring up a spare remote, but I’d rather go directly into the motor, or at least the on board controller if possible.

The version that incorporates a relay is a better choice: Products no longer Available

These modules require 12VDC power. I’m using them with METechs motorized traverse rods. The motor module for these rods has an RJ-11 jack. I wired an RJ-11 plug to the Monoprice controller and tapped into the 12VDC power supplied to the motor from the included power brick.