New lock style(s) from Kwikset

Of course this comes right after I get a bunch of Schlage locks on sale. I like the look of the lock, it will be a nice option instead of paying Baldwin prices when those locks become available. Yale also had some commercial lock offerings at CEDIA last year.


Looks good! They should update the lever to the new style too…

Nice looking locks! I’m sure they will need some beta testers :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it! Perfect for my mid-century modern home.

I am in the process of finding out when we can start taking pre-orders for these.

Barry, any update on when they will ship?

Looks like mid-February but they have not given the go ahead for the pre-orders yet.

Very interesting… Any idea on pricing?

Same price.

Nice. I’ll stick with the old style bronze Kwikset, matches my decor, but good to see more style options and continued zwave support. Interesting how many zigbee devices are announced this year.

We will also be carrying Yale Z-Wave locks. More info to follow once I have it.