New line in VeraAlert message

I saw a question in another post about this, but couldn’t find a solution.
Is there a way to add a new line to an alert - this is something I’d like to do if possible. In my case all my alerts come from custom LUA.
I’ve tried \n, \n \10 and a few other tricks I can think of without any success.

is there a way to do this?


What type of Profile ?

Mobile - in my case to an Android phone

The APP does not honor New Lines … I can add to list.

ok thanks.
I’ve tried an email profile and that does honour the \n. The trouble I have with that is I’m using string.format(%-10s,etc) to create columns - it works nicely in the vera log, but in an email the columns are all over the place, I suspect because of the proportional font sizing.

I did not have “Reports” as a use case for Vera Alerts … it was about delivering notification of events with some optional annotations for the event.
Report formatting adds a lot of additional requirements.

I would love to be able to add a newline when using an SMTP profile too. Thanks !

“Report” sounds a bit flash for what I’m after. A short list of low batteries, or TRV settings is what I’m thinking of …just wanted to make it look nice. I’ll see what other options I’ve got too, though VeraAlerts would be my first choice as like many people I use it a lot.