New LED can ceiling lights (retrofit) buzz - where to start?

I used the following LED retrofits in a room remodel this weekend (qty. 4), along with a new GE LED capable dimmer switch.

All four of the lights buzz when dimmed. Each of the retrofits had a small ground wire that I attached to the side of the existing cans.

Just curious, should I try another fixture/bulb first, or the switch?

I could have just went with cheaper LED built in the existing Cans, but I really wanted the eyeball directional function - In case you wonder why I went this way.

I know this isn’t so much a Vera/zwave question, but figured someone here might have a direction to try first.


Specs say dimmable but my experience with LED’s is they can be picky about the dimmer. Try to replace the GE dimmer with a standard one listed to be compatible with LED and see if the issue persists. If it does, the bulbs are definately picky or you may have a grounding issue. The GE Dimmer is 3 wire correct? (needing line, ground and neutral?)

I would guess that it is an incompatible bulb to dimmer (leading edge vs. training edge dimming). As @BOFH said a different dimmer might resolve the issue. Beyond that, you’d need to use different bulbs.

Thanks guys. GE is a three wire.

Stay tuned.


I went to try a Leviton Dimmer first, but the local Home Depot couldn’t find them on the shelves. (I didn’t want to wait for mail order).

So I tried a different retrofit can light, and the buzzing is completely gone. For anyone that finds this later… what did NOT work for me was the lights (link) above - Halo 5-6" LED retrofit lights.

What DID work for me, is the Commercial Electric 5-6" retrofits.