New iOS app

I have not seen it mentioned anywhere and I find it really good for up it’s customization possibilities.
It is also free.
Cs home on the App Store

got a link ? (for the stupid/lazy ones like me :slight_smile: )

i checked it , looks like a Home Wave rip off , here

It’s just what HomeWave is called in Switzerland.

Ok but this looks… free

Intveltr the developer of HomeWave re-brands his app for certain companies. This looks to be one of the companies that had intveltr re-brand for them. I would not be surprised that this app will only work with Mios account that are tied to that company. Try and download it and see if it will work.

  • Garrett

It works although I have not bought from them.

I have had the chance now to try it and I think it is very well done

Just noticed this thread :slight_smile:

CS Home is indeed a rebranded and licensed version of HomeWave, distributed for free in Switzerland courtesy of Concetto Sicurezza. It is the exact same software and will work with any Vera.