New Home and all the devices

I have a VeraEdge controller at my current home and just completed construction on a new home.

The new home has the Trane Smart Thermostats, Clare One Controller, and MyQ garage door openers.

I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with integrating any of the above devices with the Vera.

I also have motorized blinds from Binds dot com in a sunroom that I’d like to control but the installer say their zwave bridge isn’t compatible with MIOS/Vera. Can anyone share any experience with these?

Any thoughts?


I’m making the assumption that the Trane, Clare One, and MyQ are isolated and I suppose I’m alright with that but I do want control of the blinds. I’d like a scene where they open 30 minutes or so after sunup and close about 30 minutes after sunset.

I purchased a remote with the idea of wiring the up and down buttons to a dual relay, dry contact, z-wave device but I haven’t had any luck cloning it to the original remote. Budget Blinds (I know I said Blinds dot Com but I was mistaken) seems to pretty well locked down to protect the dealer channel. Had I known I probably would have gone a different route.

I did find a Budget Blinds Smart Home Collection Homekit Remote Controller on EBay, but I’m not sure this will help.

Hi @jluvs2ride

When it comes to 3rd party integrations, it all depends on what technology and protocols those products use.

If the blinds for example are networkable/wifi and have an open api, then there might be a route to take with a custom plugin. However if they are proprietary then that’s likely a very different story…

Blinds could also potentially be integrated using a z-wave device such as the roller shutter