New help and developer documentation portals

Hi Everyone

Just a quick post to let you know about the new help systems we are working on for MiOS. We’ve created a help portal which will cover help for our products, and a new developer portal which houses our api documentation.

MiOS and EZlogic help site - Automation -
Overview -

The help site is a work-in progress which we are still working on. So far, we’ve completed the ‘Quickstart / Basics’ section, the triggers ‘overview’, trigger ‘device’, trigger ‘date and time’, trigger ‘functions’ and ‘action overview’ sections - with more to come soon.

MiOS API documentation -

We redesigned the layout of our api doc pages so we hope they’ll be easier to understand. Please see the attached screenshot of ‘hub.items.list’. We hope you’ll find this redesign a useful improvement:

Anyway, this post is just to gather feedback from you guys on our progress so far and the direction in which we are moving. We hope you’ll find the updates an improvement on our previous setup, and all comments and feedback are much appreciated.