New Gas fireplace (Vented)

HI All,
I’m having our fireplace done (Vented / New Construction).
Any experience or suggestions on the ignition type I should choose in order to tie this in w/ the ZWave network? I’ve done some research and a lot is pulling data from 2009/2010 with outdate hardware links so I wanted to reach out to see if there are any fresh ideas or products. Everything in my home is controlled through Vera (2 HVAC systems, all Lights/locks etc…) so I want to ensure I dont miss the mark with the Fireplace since I have limited experience.

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated.

Nothing concrete but fortrezz showed these at cedia (fornsecond year in a row iI think?)

If you are interested maybe you could get more info from calling them.

The LFM20 low voltage relay switch from Evolve Should work. It just goes in line with the on/off switch.

Use what James suggested to short out the ignition contacts. Make sure you don’t bypass any of the gas safety controls.

Has anybody tested this? I would really like to control my gas FP but haven’t found a decent solution for a 12v system yet.

This works for me. <$50 and not too difficult to integrate.

Seems to be a handy little device (which means it’ll be awful to set up…at least for me) that people are using as garage door openers too.

The ZRF113 (@raskell) is replaced by the LFM-20 (@JamesM). It’s a Z-Wave controlled relay.

(And in action interfacing with garage door openers.)

This is good to see!

A couple options offer the RF remote to increase and decrease the flame in addition to the on/off that appears to be solved with that device referenced. Any knowledge on a device to replicate those up/down flame commands or will this module go in-line and be programmed to send the command other than on/off?

The relay will just turn the fireplace on and off. Usually these fireplaces are wired with a standard light switch to turn it on and off (in addition to the remote). The light switch is used to switch a low-voltage signal. The relay can be wired in parallel with the switch. This way the relay can turn the fireplace on and off or the switch can turn it on and off. However, if one turns the fireplace on, the other cannot turn it off.

Mine is the same as @wscannell described. The add-on for changing the flame level was a $500 option so I decided I can get up and change it myself the 2-3 times a year I actually need it.

Control via vera without additional 3rd party hardware unfortunately is up to the manufacturer since most fans and fireplaces use proprietary RF signals.

I am still looking for a way to control my Saavi RF fans. ::slight_smile:

So “ANY” of the ignition systems with the ability to be turned on/off from some type of relay or switch should be OK?

So "ANY" of the ignition systems with the ability to be turned on/off from some type of relay or switch should be OK?

Yeah I think so. I am about to attempt this later in the week by the way with the LFM-20 module. It’s pretty simple - I’ve already done a motorized damper and a garage door with it.


@Kristopher, please update when you do this. Can you provide the info on the motorized damper?

Thank you,

So I ordered a Hargrove set, but opted for the Peterson ignition and some regulator so it works on this set, but the guy said this is the one people can control with their “Smarthome systems” because it uses a millivolt contact

Does this make sense? What do I need now to control the on/off and possible flame up/ down?



Just wanted to follow up that I have confirmed my setup working flawlessly!

I used the APK 11 as stated above. used 2 wires in series with the switch’s on/off toggle so I have a manual override to shut the unit off. I ran the 2 wires to the LFM-20, included it in my network, and it was DONE! The whole thing took maybe 30 minutes (most of which was creating a box housing the unit and hard wiring a plug so I could plug the unit in). I’m soo happy with the results… Now I only wish there was a way to have done this to adjust the flame up or down instead of on/off…

Hope this helps someone out!