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I have model 891 Kwikset. Has it been tested?


You can find the list of fully integrated Z-Wave devices at List.
The devices listed there have been tested and approved. If a device is not fully integrated into our controllers, it doesn’t strictly mean that the device is incompatible. Most non-integrated devices can be paired to the controllers and work duly. However, we can not guarantee the good functioning of the device. Some devices may not have all the features available.

I have created a ticket on Zendesk to continue the troubleshooting of the issue. Thank you for your feeback.

As it turns out I actually have the 916 so I think I am good. I took the model number off my old Vera and it was not accurate.

Is Zooz ZEN77 700 series dimmer integrated into Ezlo Plus? If not, should I include it as a generic device?

Hello @echino,

The Zooz Zen77 is not under the list of fully supported devices in the Ezlo platform. You can check the updated list of supported devices in the following link Ezlo Platform: Supported Z-Wave Command Classes & Devices – Vera.
You can try to add the device as a Generic Z-wave device but it could have limited functionality.


So I paired my Kwikset 916 and it locks and unlocks, but the pin setting part appears to be missing. Are their plans to add that back in?

I also hoped to use a change in state of the lock to trigger things to happen, but I don’t seem to be able to use it as a trigger at all :frowning:. So far I have to say that this system has quite a ways to go, and my general recommendation would be to stick with Vera controllers for a while longer. Devices like my lock work, but not integrated well enough to be really useful compared to my Vera G(lite). Vera had so many devices well integrated, that is a real shame they could not be carried over at the same functionality. This was something I didn’t expect to have an issue with.

Hello @Grwebster,

To create new pin codes on your door lock, please follow the next steps:

If you have any inconvenience with the pin codes, don’t hesitate to contact us at
As for not being able to have the door lock as a trigger in the scenes: the issue is already reported and will be fixed very soon. You can follow the case here.
Thank you very much for all your feedback, it is a very important part of our improvement process.


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