New Ever Sense t-stat and Vera?!?

This thing looks like a Nest on steroids… I wonder who will be the first to integrate it with Vera?!?

Wow, no replies on this device?

I am having a little bit of trouble viewing their website, maybe that’s why no one has replied. That said, from what I can tell on the website, it looks really cool. I especially like the proximity functioning. The price tag is over $100 more than a nest though, and while it has lots of features, I am not sure how useful those are in real life. For example, I dont know that I would want to stream music from my phone to it, but perhaps from a NAS or other DLNA/UPnP device to it I probably would. If that can be done it would be cool. Also the weather forecast…arent most of us going to have that more quickly avialable on our phones/tablets rather than on the thermostat? While it make a lot of sense to do it, and is a realy nice extra feature, I wonder how often I would use it.

Does anyone have one?