New DSC Panel w/ Envisalink - VERAEDGE not seeing Zone Expander zones?

Running VeraEdge with latest UI7 build.

Hooked up my new DSC alarm to envisalink. Amazing - I can arm/disarm in the app etc!

Now I have added the DSC Plugin for Vera and hooked it up. Put the IP of the envisalink in the settings and a bunch of sensors appeared.

I have successfully created scenes based on ARMED / DISARM status. However I cannot see any zones that are on my expander (Zones 9-16).

Am I doing something wrong? I want to be able to trigger an event off a particular sensor. Thank you!

Found advanced setup instructions here to configure the zones - however after i set the variables up properly and come back, they are back to default wrong values?? Turned autoconfigure off on the panel device as well in Vera.

Additional Setup
?To configure the correct Partitions and Zones, select the parent device (as named during the creation process).
?Click the Advanced tab
?Under Partitions by default there will be 1 present, if additional partitions are to be set up then enter them in sequential manner separated by a comma as follows: For two partitions enter 1,2 For three partitions enter 1,2,3 etc etc…

Under the different Zone fields, enter the zone numbers in the same type of sequence. By default it will display 1,2,3,4,5,6 in DoorZones.

Note you will need to know which Zones are set up which on your panel. They may not be in sequence (per the above), and can be entered depending on their type in any of the three Zone variables.