New dongle firmware to resolve freezing issue

I can not answer in Official announcements, so I will do it here.

What about DSA02203-ZWEU, is there an EU upgrade?


do you think there is a difference?

I don’t know.

But I don’t want to end up with a dead dongle, trying to find out.


Anyone know if this means I can finally get a replacement dongle? I bought my Vera in June and it’s pretty much a brick because it can’t sync with my Schlage door lock. This is the main reason I bought the Vera and I haven’t moved on to other z-wave devices until this one works properly.

Any ideas?

Ah, checked my email and see that the Replacement program is back on. Says only for 2 weeks (from Dec 3rd). Good thing I saw that!

Wish me luck.

Good luck, tturner!


I’ve sent an email to Aeon asking about the European firmware upgrade software. I will post here as soon I have an answer.

Upgraded my replacement dongle this weekend with no problems - everything working. Latest firmware, dongle, etc.

Smarthus has the EU version here:

I have used it with luck. :slight_smile:

If we just bought vera 2 weeks ago should we update the dongle firmware?

I can’t remember, is the 2.78 version the latest dongle? (The one that is firmware upgradeable)

Thx mhn for the link.

I did the update in a virtual machine on a Mac - worked unexpected easy.

So far everything seems to work fine.

The dongle’s light is solid blue. Is it how it should be?

Mine is too, so I think so.

It works fine.

I will reiterate Scotthay’s question because I want to know too!


Mine says 2.78 L:1 after upgrade.

So 2.78 is upgradeable, but I am not sure, if it is the only one, and I can not remember, what it said before upgrading.

Mine says 1.78 L:1… So if I understand correctly, I don’t need to participate in the recall, but do I upgrade it to 2.78?? Or am a confused newbie? (I am currently running .950 for a few days as a stepping stone to .980)


I can not find any info in vera about ZDK version.

But if anyone is able to find the info, the upgrade seems to be to ZDK Version 5.02 Patch 3.


…here the official link for the European version William Li from Aeon sent me:

That looks like a new one.

Z-Stick_EU_502P3_091214.exe 091214 not 091114 as the one from Smarthus.

Do you know the difference?