New devices sprung up

I’ve had a number of new devices turn up inside a room. I logged into the UI after a week or so, and i have 10 new motion sensors, as per the screen shot.

i’ve tried to delete them but it’s not working, even after reboots and trying one at a time.

Any ideas where they’ve come from, and how to delete them?
This is on the VeraEdge, running 1.7.1320.

I haven’t added any new devices recently, and the Edge hardly has any devices on it so it’s not stretched.
I’ve seen this a few years ago on UI5 and my Lite, but not where it put the devices into a room.


This is a common issue. Call VERA and they can remove them (well it seems they just hide them)

Emailed support, will see what they can do. Hoped that these kind of things would be fixed if it’s a common occurrence.

I had similar issues with my garage door tilt sensor. It kept replicating itself with these _Motion Sensor devices. Eventually they went away and haven’t returned after I deleted them. (Now that I say that, watch them pop back up…)

I have this problem too. As I have not been able to delete them myself I have to contact support every month or so. Really annoying…
In my case it seems to be a Qubino switch creating them, but Vera support told me they could not see why the additional devices appear since logs are only stored for 5 days or so… Considering their support response time and the fact that I don’t monitor the UI every day it is not likely they will be able to use my logs to solve this puzzle…

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