New device: 3-way light run by 1 z wave device?

Has anyone tried using this?:

I’m not sure the brand. I think it may be either HomeShow or ZWave4Less. It states that it can be used to control 3 way configuration. I have a lot of hallways and such that use multiple 3 way switches and it sure would be nice to only have to buy 1 device to control 1 set of lights using 2+ standard switches.

Looks promising. I doubt it will fit as nicely in the typical box as they say. It can get crowded in there.

I use these:

I see no UL markings or any reference to UL or any other agency listing on the ebay module. Use at your own risk.

The eBay ad says made in America, this: General-Use Remote Light Switch for Home Automation (ZW78S) - China Z-Wave and Insert Switch Module says made in China. Hmmmm.

[quote=“ember1205, post:3, topic:195302”]I use these:

I could never get those to work right. They kind of worked, but sometimes you had to do a double throw.