new alarm pairing

I have a Vera lite paired to my kwikset door lock. Must I exclude this lock from Vera before I can include it to my Frontpointe alarm system?
or can the lock be on both systems at same time?

I am trying to pair it to alarm while it is currently paired to Vera without success.

A Z-Wave device and only be paired to one controller at a time.

To clarify @Marc Shenker’s statement…

A Z-Wave device can only participate(paired) in one Z-Wave network at a time. However there can be multiple controllers within a single network and then any of those controllers can command the device.

I’ve never heard of a Frontpointe alarm system. But, if you can join it to your Vera’s Z-Wave network as a secondary controller - a capability alarm controllers often do not provide - then you can control your lock with either controller.

So, while it may be technically possible for you to control your lock with both controllers at once, your alarm controller will probably make this impossible.