I have had a NevoConnect on my z-wave network for quite a while, and it’s always worked fine. I did a heal on my network last night, and when I came back this morning, the NC had 5 new child devices (ZWaveDevice1 service) labeled 1-5. I did a restore to my last known good backup, and did another heal. Again, these child devices came back. Has anyone else experienced this? What are these devices added for? I’m on version 1.0.994, and the NC is working fine - just wondering why I have new devices now.

Have not used an NC-50 with Vera yet but could they be the ports on the back for IR/Serial?

ASIHome, that was my first thought, but there are in fact 6 ports in the back. The 5 child devices appear as scene controllers in vera. I just can’t figure out where the quantity of 5 comes from… I have 6 IR devices being controlled through 4 ports on the NC50.