Never seen these before, swing window opener WiFi & 433mhz

Shame they aren’t Z-Wave or Zigbee.

There’s a video of it in action on the Aliexpress link

£48.31 20%OFF | Full set Casement Actuator Window Sliding Arm Opener with Remote Control, DC24V Receiver, WIFI Switch y Rain Sensor Optional

we are soon releasing Broadlink integrations that can handle both IR and RF…along with Virtual device capabilities…

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That’s good.

I’ve not used Broadlink myself as I have Harmony hubs and no RF 433 devices.

But I know lots of people use Broadlink RM Pros.

The bad with RF 433 is no feedback status from the devices as they are just dumb devices, so you can’t query their state.

I guess in this example you could use RF locally to operate the motor actuator and then use maybe Node Red with the Tuya node to query the windows status from the Tuya cloud.

Or maybe these could be flashed with Tasmota firmware for local WiFi control.

There are a lot of openers that are just operated by a switch. You’ll be more sure to avoid strange situations with something like that IMHO.

Has the RF functionality been released?

I think it was yes, some people were using it.

Don’t have Broadlink RM devices myself however, so don’t know anything about it.

Yes sometime ago.
I use it to automate my blinds and some outdoor lights.

Thanks, I ordered one, something to play with next month, will use it for my blinds as well.

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The RFXtrx433XL Dual Transmitter is another option.
BTW I use both as I need the RFXCom to control Somfy Blinds and Awnings. The Broadlink is great for IR and most RF devices - it’s ridiculously cheap as well.
If you need feedback, I’d suggest using a Door sensor for Open/Closed confirmation.

hit the nail there…some RF devices i had problem with…
any recommendation for a better RF experience in your view?

I already use the rfxtrx433xl, but it isn’t supported on Ezlo so I’m looking for an alternative. Bad thing on Broadlink is that it doesn’t support Somfy.

shall we support it?

Somfy or RFXtrx433xl?
RFXtrx433 was quite high on the wishlist that was created long time ago. You actually donated a Ezlo Plus to the current developer that maintains the Vera Plus plugin. I expect it to be used by many users.

Would be nice to have support for Somfy.

Somfy is local or cloud? (apis etc?)
same for RFXtrx433 pls…

(we have a brand new plugin team who can write these…)

Right now both are local which is perfect.

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happen to have links to their api etc handy pls?

Please check with @b_weijenberg or @tinman. Btw it is rfxtrx433E that supports both 433 devices and somfy.

The RFXtrx is a 433Mhz transceiver with a serial or Ethernet interface. I am the current maintainer of the plugin for this device and I requested an Ezlo hub to modify the current plugin to run the Ezlo hub but I didn’t get one.

The RFXtrx has been upgraded to RFXtrxXL,
The RFXtrx433XL is a Dual Band USB 433.92 & 433.42MHz Transceiver.
check RFXCom web page for further details.
There is a Vera Plug In however I didn’t use it. It’s that long ago that I don’t remember how I added it to Vera. Vesternet has a good write up on Installation.

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we have a new plugin structure coming out very shortly.
would love to work with you to port it over if you are open to it?

Its just been released to internal beta and we’ll be playing with it next week…

Allows anyone to write and upload their plugins and share it with the community etc.

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