Network Setup

Hi All

I have been running my vera (UI15) for about 2 years now. Overall I’m happy with what I have (lights/sprinklers/alarm/sensors/cameras) but I have an issue that has been getting worse for about 6 months.

Without going into the issue I believe that it may be tied down to the way I have my network configured (on vera). Even though it functions I think my issues are coming from it.

Can anyone please advise if this is correct.

Vera is not used as a router to connect to the internet.
It lives in my LAN
it has an address of gateway of
the ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port. (this I think is my biggest issue)
Settings are manual / static / firewall disabled / DHCP off / Wifi Off

I can remote into it from the micasaverde mios login site without issue
I can login to it on the lan with its IP address 10.100
I cannot get it to work if I plug my ethernet cable into any of the LAN ports

The main issue I am seeing (and more regularly) is items that are on my vera GUI which are controlled via LAN give a “device not ready” error although I can still get to them via IP (eg camera / etherrain sprinkler).

Can someone please advise if I should be using ethernet into LAN as opposed to WAN port and how to set this up correctly.

Thanks in advance

The way you are being setup is a bit strange: Your vera in on your WAN network and the rest of your devices in on your Lan after the router.
When setup this way, it means that you have to manually setup the ip address of any new device logging into your Lan. It is odd.
My recommendation is on your router to enable DHCP but to have your DHCP limited to maybe 99 address: (maybe from 2-100) and leave the remaining 155 to be manually addressed.
You can then connect your vera to the Lan port of your router and manually assign it to 10.101 for example. You can also set all the other devices you want to be manually assigned in this range. I think the problem you are having is linked to having devices on different networks and your router not liking having DHCP disabled.

How do you access the internet if you have the vera connected to the WAN port of your router? Your Modem should be the one connected to the WAN port of the router.

Hi Anhman

This is my setup

dls router 10.0.0.x → Firewall 10.0.0.x and (which runs DHCP) —> LAN is and I have static on the vera

The vera is not used for DHCP / Firewall / Wifi

I can get to it from the WAN or the LAN although Im sure some of the LAN side is being effected.

The issue here is that if I take the ethernet cable for WAN (from non managed gb switch) and plug it into the vera LAN I get nothing

The question is how do I plug ethernet into the LAN ports and get it to work if dhcp/wifi/firewall are not used. Cant see how this is such an issue to be honest

Ok I think I misunderstood. I should have guessed from your description that you have a vera 3 and the WAN port you are describing is actually a port on the vera. Not on the router.

Using the WAN port on the Vera 3 is exactly how it is supposed to work as it is the access port to your network. Using the Lan port on it would mean using a network created by the vera DHCP server which you disabled unless you want to use it as an access point as described here

I do not think the issues you are seeing stem from the fact that you are plugged into the WAN port. This essentially mimics a Vera lite which only has a WAN port.
Check this also

I would look into IP conflicts or device failures like you unmanaged switch as the culprit

have no conflicts and no excessive traffic

what I really dont get is

  1. reboot fixes issue for a period of time normally 24hrs (approx)

  2. why can I still see data through streaming (camera) but cant tell camera to pan or tilt without error. (maybe udp v tcp )

  3. sprinkler system (etherrain 8) also goes into error but if I access it from a pc using software it works perfectly.

what I can say is that it is pissing me off to the enth degree :-\

Just a few ideas here:

Cable quality, Loose ethernet connectors, failing ethernet controller in the vera?

actually I thought of the last option as well.

I just cant get my head around it though - reboot fixes it and also some data still flows whilst some doesn’t (seems specific)

was considering defaulting the entire system and re configuring but not sure if
a. that is what needs doing and
b. whats the best way about doing it.

I don’t think there is anything in the configuration which would affect it. If it is something that you can correct, I would try to reload the firmware to make sure that there is no corrupted driver file in the OS. If it is a hardware failure within the chip, there won’t be anything you can do. The fact that it is application/device specific makes it more likely to be something with the software.


is there a procedure written anywhere that you know

Depends on what UI version you are running.

For UI7 I would copy and paste the correct URLs from this thread under the custom URL:,32278.0.html

Since you have UI5 I am sure the URL is somewhere on the forum just do a search. It will reload the firmwares.
I would not keep my configuration and settings. Wait until it is reloaded and restore from backup.

Your network is setup correctly. However, there is an issue/bug with UI5 and the DHCP server not doing what it’s told. Though I do not believe that it is your issue, you might want to follow the steps in this thread to eliminate that possibility.

Have you looked at your Vera log to see if there are any errors that might explain what is happening. If a reboot of Vera fixes the issue for a day, I would be suspicious of a Vera(LuaUPnP) process or resource exhaustion(check CPU and memory).

thx zwaver

I have looked over the logs and cant see anything that indicates an issue.

In fact micasaverde support had access to the logs and they also could not see anything.

I have last night secluded the vera unit and the etherrain unit onto a seperate switch. Hopefully this segregation will resolve or prove the switch has an effect.

I will monitor resources next time this occurs (thanks for that) and can you please explain further the LuaPnP process you mentioned.

It is the name of the monolithic process/daemon that handles all of Vera’s functions. LuaUPnP is Vera. It is why your Vera log file is called LuaUPnP.log

The LuaUPnP process has a reputation of sometimes growing out of control, using up memory or CPU, if you have a lot of plugins or LUA/LUUP code.

thanks for you explanation. will monitor this on the next failure and advise