Network Heal with Sleeping Aeon Labs Multisensors?

I have set up some Aeon Labs multisensors and have turned off polling and waking to address battery and false trigger issues.

So if my sensors are sleeping they won’t be part of the network heal, right? And since they’re sleeping there is no way to configure them to wake up via software? I’m thinking I could wake them up or set them to wake up at some short interval, run my heal, then put them back to sleep.

So assuming I am correct, I need to manually wake them up, reset them to wake every hour or less, run my network heal, then set the wakeup & polling to 0 if I want. And I guess this is true of any configuration changes. Nothing will take if they never wake up?

Having them wake once a day might work for me, but only if I could set a specific time for them to wake up. If it weren’t for the false positive problem the timing wouldn’t matter.

Not sure about the relationship of sleeping devices and heal; I thought Vera would wait a configurable amount of time for a device to wake up during a heal.

Keep in mind though that a wake-up is a very short event and the device will go back to sleep within seconds if the controller (Vera) doesn’t start (and keep) talking to it within that window. So Vera must already have queued configuration changes for the device, or otherwise be ready to communicate with the device before the device wakes up.