NetIO Remote Control App

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect app for my tablet to control Vera and other networked devices. My main requirement was to have custom layouts and support multiple protocols. The other apps I surveyed had basic grid layouts and basic buttons for scenes, etc. I came across an app called NetIO ( It works on Andriod and IOS. It can support several generic protocols, so I use the http GET method to control scenes/devices and get variables (described here: It uses a web based application (that is best done from a computer) to design the UI layout, then can be downloaded to app on tablet or phone. It has nifty icons such as light bulbs and many others that make the layout for home automation very cool looking. So for example I have a section of the screen for music control with favorites and volume control. I have another section for lights with light bulb icons for on and off and another section for weather. This is all on 1 page of a Nexus 7.

Anyway, if you have similar requirements for a home automation app, check it out. It is a little more a pain to have to know the device# and variable names for the http request, but cut and paste makes it easier.

This is interesting. Thanks for the tip.

I have two questions though.

What are you using to control your music?
Is this app able to display the status of a device?

I have a Yamaha network enabled receiver and use the Yamaha plug in under Vera to control. With NetIO, it is possible to control the receiver directly via tcp with the Yamaha YNCA protocol. It is much easier to use Yamaha plug in though.

The app can display and parse any data/variable available through Vera http GET method, which is just about about everything. I’m currently displaying temperatures from Weather plugin and front gate status through DSC security plugin. The app is quite powerful for parsing and formatting return data. Here is a listing of some of the variables available: So for example to query the temperature you would do: http://your-vera-ip:3480/data_request?id=variableget&DeviceNum=20&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:TemperatureSensor1&Variable=CurrentTemperature where 20 is the device number of the weather temperature device.

What are the favorites you spoke of in regards to your music control?

Favorites are like Net Radio stations, FM Radio station, and Pandora channels. So for example, I have a button which corresponds to a particular Pandora channel. The Yamaha receivers allow network control of just about everything.