Another controller.
Supposed to be based on Vera.
Uses its own, HTML5 based interface

Have fun.

I have a unit on test.
The one major difference is that it supports changeable Icons, otherwise it is similar to UI5.

I have also been advised that there will be a new version in Q1 that enables the use of the next ZWave chip, it also has added features (don’t ask what they are as I haven’t been advised as yet).

It’s been reported to me that the netichonme UI does not support JavaScript tabs for plugins. That puts paid to a bunch of plugins.

Thanks for that, I’m going to test it against the Plug In’s that I am using (PLEG, Day Night, Ping)
Any idea which are the ones that aren’t working?

Ah, just another point here. The NETIChome Controller I have been advised is only available through Installers, whether that is actually the case or not would need to be verified by someone in the EC that is using one.

I can confirm that you can install 3rd Party Plug In’s into the NETIC Controller.
The app needs to be installed from the MiOS Marketplace not from the Controller.

Just uploaded (or is that downloaded) Night/Day, PLC & PLEG, only need to test.

It was specifically raised in the context of the Combination Switch plugin, which is only configurable through its JavaScript tab.

I had a “1 2 1” with NETIC last night.

Even though you can upload 3rd.Party Apps into the Contoller, Javascript has been disabled.
I’m working on having it enabled in the NextGen. Controller, which will be available with the release of the NextG Qubino modules.

In the meantime the firmware can be down graded to 1.5.622 (NETIC is using 1.5.722, their own modified version of UI5.

I have to give them a big +1 as they are prepared to listen to shortcomings and are endeavouring to create a functioning product.