Netatmo Weather - Can't Detect Device


wonder if you can help? Previously the setup was working well, until I had to remove my rain gauge, and re-install via the Netatmo app. Since then, I’ve been hitting either ‘Startup LUA failed’ or, as above can’t detect device.

Client ID, Client Secret, username and password have all been completed. None have any special characters other than the @ for email address.

Messages I see in the luapnp.log are:

Device_Service::MatchupUpnpServices no upnp service for urn:akbooer-com:serviceId:Netatmo1 <0x77637320>
JobHandler_LuaUPnP::Run device 830 ptr 0x1699838 Netatmo room 0 type urn:akbooer-com:device:Netatmo:1 cat 0:-1 id parent 0/0x17d20c0 upnp: 0 plugin:0 pnp:0 mac: ip: <0x77637320>
luup_log:156: Netatmo: starting… <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: defining CLI… <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: Starting Event service… <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: No server socket <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: Starting Watch service… <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: Starting Sysinfo service… <0x76c61520>
Netatmo: …initialised <0x76c61520>
refresh_devices - nil - start <0x74a61520>
refresh_devices - netatmo api requested <0x74a61520>
module_initialized - current_mac=70:EE:50:1B:9A:40, module_not_initialized=false <0x74a61520>
get_thermstate - /api/getthermstate <0x74a61520>
adding Content-Length=148 <0x74a61520>
adding Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded <0x74a61520>
post - header - Content-Type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded <0x74a61520>
post - header - Content-Length=148 <0x74a61520>
post - secure - data to send : module_id=04%3a00%3a00%3a1b%3ae6%3a62&access_token=575aa2d5e6da2396b78b4776%7ca8332aec313ffa9ff6e646a47959fc34&device_id=70%3aEE%3a50%3a1B%3a9A%3a40 <0x74a61520>
post - secure - uri with parameters: /api/getthermstate <0x74a61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: Netatmo initialisation… <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: admin.unit = 0 <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: admin.pressureunit = 0 <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: admin.windunit = 1 <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: station name: Thermostat (Indoor) <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: module name: Indoor <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: module name: Wind Gauge <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: module name: Outdoor Module <0x76c61520>
luup_log:830: Netatmo: module name: ? <0x76c61520>
LuaInterface::CallFunction_Startup-1 device 830 function init failed [string “–module (“L_Netatmo”, package.seeall) --…”]:480: table index is nil <0x76c61520>
LuImplementation::StartLua running startup code for 830 I_Netatmo.xml failed <0x76c61520>
JobHandler_LuaUPnP::m_bReloadCriticalOnly_set now 1 <0x76c61520>
JobHandler_LuaUPnP::m_bReloadCriticalOnly_set now 0 <0x76c61520>

Can see all the netatmo weather details via the netatmo app and online via their portal.

Wonder if anyone can help get this functionality back up and working?


Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Problem solved - seems to be, if you hit this issue, go into the netatmo website, seems to be if the device’s name is the default, so the solution appears to be to go in and change the name and then the error isn’t happening

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Thanks for this solution!! Helped me also.

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