Netatmo Thermostat App


in the apps, there is a Netatmo app delivered by Vera. Its possible to create scenes etc using it, but when trying to change the schedules, it needs the schedule id. Does anyone have any code which can identify the schedule IDs being used on our setup? Not sure why its asking for the schedule id, rather than providing a list of values, with the schedule names listed.

So, no sooner do I post this, then I find a way to do it! In case it helps anyone else:

Navigate to your thermostat device > Contrôle

In firefox (inspect element), then look in the inspector for something similar to:

The id 575aa37ee6da231b338b45c1, is one of your schedule IDs. I then used to check which schedule was selected, and made a note of the details.

Repeat for each of the schedules listed.

I then use this information in reactor to set the schedule id based on calendar to/from dates, as my wife is a teacher on a 2 week cycle.

Hope it helps someone!

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