Netatmo Newbie Question *** What do I do with These Files ***

Hello All:

Can someone point me to a an exsisiting post, or give me some instruction on what to do with the files I downloaded from the latest Netatmo post. I get a Zip file with folders _MACOSX, icons, json,xml, XML document, Lua File, Lua File 2.

I am not sure what to do with them to get my UI7 working with my Netatmo.



the macosx folder you can delete. The .json .xml and .lua files should be uploaded to your Vera. I am not using UI7 but there should be a page available somewhere under apps develoupe apps and lua files or something similar.

Use the zip archive from here →,30478.msg247304.html#msg247304

Then follow the instruktions from here i think →,16276.0.html