Netatmo : Authorisation failed

Since Thursday 09:52 Netatmo : Authorisation failed

Was running well since last April.

Iphone Netatmo App everything is fine,

Am i the only one with that problem?

The Netatmo API website has been having some problems recently, see here,36061.msg327128.html#msg327128

I noted problems:

[ul][li]Aug 6, 15:50 to midnight,[/li]
[li]Aug 10, 14:30 to Aug 11, 12:50 (but I’ve also had some power outages.)[/li][/ul]

All running now, though.

Just came back after 1 1/2 day

Same here. It works now. I did reenter the account info to the device.

Why does this happen, when no changes are made to my Vera Controller or Netatmo device/account?

Hi There,
For several days I have had Authorisation failed, I have checked username and pw and also client id and client secret all which are correct. Any one else having similar issues?
Edit 7/10/2019
I found that my issue was related to a local problem where i have installed pihole and needed to while list

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