Netamo Weather Station on Ezlo Plus

Trying to add a Netatmo weather station in cloud services and keep getting an error ‘Failed to add Integration try again later.’

Won’t work. This integration is broken since at least December 2022. Not sure why it’s presented as an option in the UI, it would be better if Ezlo just removed these options.

Thanks. They should disable everything that doesn’t work, very frustrating.
Interesting how netatmo is sold on the Ezlo site but its integration doesn’t work.
Maybe third party apps weren’t such a bad idea. My frustrations grow every time I try something with the Ezlo controller.

Sorry for the frustration. We are already finalizing the re-write of the whole cloud integrations but you are absolutely right. We expect it to be fully functional within a week or so with better infrastructure.

Netatmo weather is available to add so I assume the re-write is finished and these services are now functional?