NEST thermostats - two work with WWN while third does not

I have three nest thermostats installed my house, one per level. I use a VERA 3 with UI7. When I upgraded to UI7 and installed WWN app two of the thermostats seem to work properly. The third one appears as a device but does not function with VERA 3. It does not show temperatures, does not respond to mode or temperature change requests through the VERA controller. I have removed and re-installed thermostats and WWN app multiple times but to no avail. The level three thermostats fails to respond or register temperatures. Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution?

Write to support. I had a similar problem and they fixed it remotely. I suspect they upgraded the Plugin for me.

Make sure all three of your Nests have location assignments in Nest’s configuration (use their web app). I had one thermostat with no location assigned, and it caused version 1.116 of the plugin to crash. I reported the problem to Vera, and they downgraded my plugin 1.109. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure if the actual problem was understood by them and made it back to developers. The support rep was evasive when I pressed him on it.