Nest showing Celcius not Fahrenheit

Nest plugin shows house at 25’F.


Fortunately the Nest itself says 72’F.

Any ideas? I suspect it is getting a 25’ Celsius reading but displaying it as Fahrenheit.

Running version 1.6 of the plugin.

Hello, if you are running UI5, it ought to be enough to go to Setup → Location and change the Temperature format to F. You may have to restart Vera and refresh your browser to see the change.

If you are using something later than UI5, then I don’t know what is required, but I know that some beta UI6 users have been able to set (and set again) the available choices and eventually the proper temperature format appears. When there is an official, non-beta of some release after UI5, I hope it will work compatibly with existing UI5 plugins. Otherwise, I will change the Nest plugin to match what is officially supported in the full public release.