Nest Protect device - smoke, heat, humidity, motion, carbon monoxide, ultrasonic

Pretty interesting possibilities if Vera could access all the sensors and the audio alert triggers…

I’ve been waiting for a good smoke detector…Links to your Nest auto-away as an added bonus! I’m in for three…

I will wait to see if a plugin can be created and what stuff it can access. $129 is a lot for that if it can only tell me there is smoke. If I can access the other stuff (humidity, motion, light), then it would be more than worth it, and I would consider adding one to every bedroom and then some in common areas. Might be overkill, but the extra sensors would be worth it.

That is a significant amount of money for a Smoke and CO alarm.

Yes it would be, except if you read the specs (or the thread title) it is much, much more.

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I did.

I guess it depends on if you want those extra features and are willing to pay for it.

I wonder just how long certification took for this device to pass?

Hmm, it see it uses a photoelectric smoke detection to detect a fire. Too bad they didn’t also incorporate ionization smoke detection as well, then this device would be great.

For an explanation of both types of detectors, follow this link: