NEST and Google Migrate Broke NEST/VERA

so i was forced to migrate to google home…in doing so my NEST VeraConnect WWN app is now broken and cannot connect because I cant verify using pin. does anyone have a workaround for this? I used a lot of scenes and temp controls in vera and google home is garbage and has no functionality.

I also used vera for home/away scenes because Vera geolocation was trash (this might have changed) But it’s asinine to have to run two apps on phones (eating battery) just to get location data.

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I’m on with Google support chat right now and they tell me Vera has been invited into the new program, putting the burden on Vera to fix the integration. Does anyone have any update on this?

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If Vera/Ezlo and Nest products would work both ways, that would be awesome! I have a Nest hello and a Nest hub max. Now it´s a one way road, me talking to the hub, to activate Vera scenes. It would be nice if the road was a two way street.

Does this mean that we maybe able to control the Nest Thermostat through Vera or Elzo at some point

It looks like Home Assistant can currently read data from the Nest but not actually control it yet until additional services are added to the API

Smart Device Management (SDM) API.

Giving this a gentle bump…

I’m still using WWN and notice that, after a period of time, the plugin goes unresponsive. If I try to adjust temperature or settings a few times, a reload/crash happens and the plugin then starts responding again.

Incidentally, this also impacts other plugins such as Sonos and Alexa. I’m sure there’s a connection here but can’t see anything obvious in the logs. However, interacting with those plugins do not cause the reload situation.

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