Neo Coolcam powerplug device not responding (Vera Edge)

I try to control an outside light with a Vera Edge and a Neo Coolcam power plug, just a simple scene switches the lamp on in the evening and off again in the morning.
During test and several days after it seemed to work fine.
But now I see more and more that the light is still on in the morning.
In the log I see that the connection with the powerplug was lost. It happens once or more during the night, and lasts typically 30 minutes to 2 hours. Then it reports “responding again”.

I replaced the Neo Coolcam plug already, but the behaviour is similar.
Was thinking of the one wall between the controller and the device, causing weak wireless connection, but then I would expect a somewhat different behaviour.

Any clues, what can I check ?

Background: I moved to another house, and try to reinstall the Vera Edge and devices there again. Of course, most of these devices (about 20) are still offline, but I have 3 Neo Coolcam plugs operational at this point.

It’s definitely a weak mesh. Try to add more devices. In my experience, neo cool cam products are suffering of a weak transmission power.

If the neo cool plug has weak power, I understand that it’s feedback to the controller is poor.
But it has apparently also poor receiving, as the commands sent by the Vera Edge are not arriving, not even after 5 retries.
Am I thinking correctly ?

And about improving the mesh: could it be that “the system” still remembers the old mesh layout of my former house ? Or is it self learning and adapting ?
Could it be necessary to exclude all (20 !) devices first, and include them again, once installed on a certain place ?

Would be useful if I could check for signalstrength, similar to WiFi networks…

Yes to all you said. If you power them update again the mesh should set after some time, but leaving them off will definitely impact the stability, as you’ve seen.

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So what I did:
I deleted several devices from Vera Edge, as I am not sure whether I will use them later.
I placed one extra (dummy) Neo Coolcam powerplug, about half way the controller and the powerplug in use.
Sofar, works fine !

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