NEO COOLCAM NAS-WR01ZE EU, kwh negative values

I bought a NEO COOLCAM NAS-WR01ZE EU plug, and it sometimes registers negative values in kwh. I have read this in several forums. Coolcam’s technical assistance says it’s a problem with the hub: “hi it is related to the hub … can’t solve it”
This device is on vera’s compatibility list.
Someone can help me?

I always have negative values as well. It’s only for newer plugs, the first ones I have are reporting correctly. It’s a big but I doubt it’ll be fixed.

Good afternoon.
Do the first ones also have S2 Security?

I’m not sure about that.

… the problem may be there … Thank you

contact a NEO COOLCAM, and now there will only be plugs from the version that doesn’t give in the version

So, do you contacted them and request an exchange? Or do they promised to fix the firmware in future plugs?

They don’t make the switch. I was offered a $ 5 voucher and I didn’t want to. On aliexpress, he still announces that the kwh problem is not present in vera. Does anyone know how to reset the Kwh to start counting from zero?

So, it seems it’s by design and other hubs have the same problem. The negative value is sent from time to time, so just filter it and you’re good to go:

function filterWrongValue(deviceID, service, variable, oldValue, newValue)
	-- L("[filterWrongReading] #%1 - %2 - %3 - %4 => %5", deviceID, service, variable, oldValue, newValue)
	if tonumber(newValue) < 0 and tonumber(oldValue) ~= tonumber(newValue) then
		luup.variable_set(service, variable, oldValue, deviceID)

luup.variable_watch("filterWrongValue", "urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:EnergyMetering1", "KWH", 6) 

this is a very generic function I’m using to filter wrong values (ie: from temp sensors or distance sensors, etc).

Also, the parameters are different in this V2, so if you need to tweak them, you’ll need the correct manual, attached herewith.

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After more than 24 hours, my consumption seems to be OK and everything is working as expected. Keep in mind that updates will be less frequent, since it will send negative values and positive ones, from time to time.

very good! Can you send me the code? This code is for where?
Can you tell me how to reset kwh consumption? Factory reset does not erase old consumptions …

I do not understand why the technical support does not present these solutions … All the problems that I have been having over these two years were the community that solved them.

it’s a startup code, you should put in your startup code. I don’t think there’s a way to erase consumption, beside a factory reset.

I think we as users are more motivated to find a solution, since we invested into these devices. 100% of what I learned is coming from the community.

can you put your code for wall plug so i can just change the device number?

Scroll up, you’ll find the code. I’m successfully using it on two plugs and it’s working ok.

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