NEO Coolcam iDoorbell

Can anyone tell something about this product?

What interest me the most is the Z-WAVE

I don’t see were it says Z-Wave?
In any case, this device is not a Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus device, it uses both Sub G & WiFi frequencies but not the Z-Wave protocol.
The spec’s make it confusing and most end users who glance over the frequencies available will assume that it is Z-wave when it isn’t.

Operating range of 0-40C does not sound like an outdoor unit.

It is if your in the tropics. :wink:

From the item description:
Radio Frequency:
EU; 908.4MHz
US; 921.4MHz
ANZ; 869.2MHz

Maybe its only for the ring?
And video added as IP cam?

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Yes, the frequency is correct but they do not support Z-Wave protocol.

Believe me, our company distributes much of the NEO range and these are NOT Z-Wave.
If they were then we would be selling them.

In Asia, they promote/sell/use what they call sub-G, best guess is that it is similar to 433mHz.
As to what the protocol used is - I have absolutely no idea and any attempts to get an explanation from the factory is neigh on impossible.
Someone might be able to reverse engineer the protocol but the reality is that 433 or WiFi is a better bet as you can simply use http calls to control the device.

Is there any door bell solution that work with Vera\z-wave ?

Should we wait for that:

We have now tried two idoorbells. Neither have worked. They don’t allow you to hear what the person ringing the bell has to say. It got hot and overheated within 60 seconds of being connected. There is no phone number to call for customer service. It took several months for it to be replaced. We are just Lee just recently received the second one when the first was returned shortly after Christmas. To be honest I’m not sure why we tried the same brand again. I can’t think of one good thing to say about this particular model exclamation point
works perfectly with Vera, I recommend this product, I love it.

[quote=“rotbard, post:7, topic:198515”]Is there any door bell solution that work with Vera\z-wave ?

Should we wait for that:

prophead, can you provide some specific details on the integration ? Their website is very vague on technical and you state it works perfectly (no doubt - but how integrated) ?

Price is in line with Nest and Ring and I would try it if it worked perfectly.


Doorbird is an excellent product but I was unaware of any Vera intergration.
There is a Homeseer PlugIn, which indicates it is possible to intergrate with a Z-Wave HAC but how?

You can integrate the Doorbird motion, camera and IR’s into Vera. It works quite well.

Thanks, but how is it done? Is there a Plug In that I haven’t seen?

This is the doc I used. If I remember right, I had some problems but eventually it worked.

I would like to do a write up on this myself if anyone is interested in contributing, let me know.

Has anyone tried a Skybell? I was offered a Skybell HD recently.