Neither Vacation Ghost or Deus Ex Machina work for me

I installed Deus Ex first. It installed fine, I configured, but it did nothing. I uninstalled it, installed Vacation Ghost, configured, and nothing. Vacation ghost currently says it’s spooking 4 different lights, but none of them are on.

I’m on UI5. All of my lights are controlled with the LiteTouch plugin which I wrote. All of the lights use the Dimmer or BinaryLight function, but the ones I’m controlling with the ghosts are all dimmers.

Any thoughts?

Deus ex machina worked well for me under UI5. It cannot be Enabled through a scene though, you have to push the Enabled or Disabled button to make it start. Getting it to stop ghosting after midnight was my problem, so I created a scene to wind things down at a certain time. Now I’m on UI7 and it’s still working.

I used DEM under UI5 successfully. I recently upgraded to UI7 and found it not working at all, so I decided to make my own fixes. I am not the author, but it was pretty easy to grab the code from my unit and find/fix the issues.

I’ll post links later in this thread: [url=,11333.msg281204.html#msg281204],11333.msg281204.html#msg281204[/url]

please do

New version released and available to install in the usual way.

See this thread for more: [url=,11333.msg282136.html#msg282136],11333.msg282136.html#msg282136[/url]