Need urgent help from Micasa !!!!

Second week I did’t received help from customer support!!!

Now my unit Vera lite

Have offline status
can’t access from outside
have error “Failed to save system configuration”
And can’t change location, time format, weather setting.
Every time I have welcome page !! If I mark “do not show” - got failed to save system configuration
Somebody help me!!!

Have you emailed them or called them? I emailed last Friday, and 2 days later (keep in mind it was a holiday weekend), I got a response.

I’m brand new at this, so I’ve been checking to see if any specific sub-forums or threads get their attention, but haven’t seen anything except Marc Shenker suggesting that people with problems contact support. I think these are mostly user forums.

Yes I was email them
One answer per day and no progress

Just pick up the phone and call support. I haven’t had to reach them very often but the few times I did calling them got far quicker response.

Sorry but my call will be cost such as vera lite )

Now most errors was fixed

Only offline status from mobile application has.


[quote=“Cadet, post:3, topic:193621”]Yes I was email them
One answer per day and no progress

Leave phone number in email and they will call you!